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sprinklers pendent fl200p Yellow

I.D. No. & Model: FL100P
Style : Pendent
Response : Standard
Thread Size : NPT 1/2”
Element : Bulb
Nominal K-Factor U.S : 5.6 (U.S.)
Nominal K-Factor U.S : 80 (metric)
Max. Working Pressure : PSI=175 psi & BAR=12.1 bar
Approved Temperature Ratings/Bulb Color :
135 ⁰F(57 ⁰C)/ Orange, 155 ⁰F(68 ⁰C)/ Red,
175 ⁰F(79 ⁰C)/Yellow, 200 ⁰F(93 ⁰C)/Green



Min. Operating Pressure7 PSI(0.5 bar)
Max. Working Pressure175 PSI(12.1 bar)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure500 PSI(34.5 bar)
Standard Orifice Size1/2 inch (15 mm)
Thread Size11/2” NPT(15 mm BSP)
Discharge Coefficient 5.6 GPM/PSI1/2(80.7 LPM/bar1/2)
Max. Ambient Temperature2135℉(57℃), 155℉(68℃): 100℉(38℃)
175℉(79℃), 200℉(93℃): 150℉(65℃)
Finish OptionsNatural Brass, Chrome Plated,
Nickel-Chrome Plated
Glass Bulb SizeQuick Response
0.118 inch(3 mm)
Standard Response
0.197 inch(3 mm)
Listings and Approvals3UL(United States)/UL(Canada)4



  The pipe thread connections accord with ISO7/1.


  Based on NFPA 13. Other limits may apply depending on fire loading, sprinkler location, and other requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Refer to specific installation standards.


  This table shows the listings and approvals available at the time of printing. Check with the manufacturer for any additional approvals.


  UL and ULC Listed for both Light-Hazard and Ordinary-Hazard occupancies.


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