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Flush Type Sprinklers Standard

SR(Standard Response) Type Sprinkler uses special alloy fusible element.
When the heat from a fire reaches the operating temperature of the sprinkler, the fusible element melts and the deflector is automatically ejected downward for quick water spray.
Also available with uncoated/natural brass-colored threaded body.



Min. Operating Pressure 7 PSI(0.5 bar)
Max. Working Pressure 175 PSI(12.1 bar)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 500 PSI(34.5 bar)
Thread Size 1/2” NPT(15A)
k-Factor 5.6 GPM/PSI1/2(80 LPM/bar1/2)
Max. Ambient Temperature 165℉(74℃):100 ℉(38℃)
205℉(96℃), 220℉(105℃): 150℉(65℃)
Finish Options Natural Brass, Chrome Plated,
Nickel-Chrome Plated


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