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Flush Type Sprinklers Quick

QR(Quick Response) Type Sprinkler has the same operating machanism with SR type. The distinct difference is the QR type reacts to heat from fire quickly resulting to a more rapid operation time. The QR type sprinkler is essential for early fire suppression purpose.
Also available with uncoated/natural brass-colored threaded body.



Min. Operating Pressure7 PSI(0.5 bar)
Max. Working Pressure175 PSI(12.1 bar)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure500 PSI(34.5 bar)
Thread Size1/2” NPT(15A)
k-Factor5.6 GPM/PSI1/2(80 LPM/bar1/2)
Max. Ambient Temperature165℉(74℃):100 ℉(38℃)
205℉(96℃), 220℉(105℃): 150℉(65℃)
Finish OptionsNatural Brass, Chrome Plated,
Nickel-Chrome Plated


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