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Flamegaurd  provides all types of Fire Protection and Fire Detection Systems, as well as state-of-the-art Security and Integrated Telecommunications Solutions to a wide range of market sectors such as Oil & Gas, Commercial, Aviation, Telecommunication, Transportation Facilities, Industrial, Power & Water and Marine. Our portfolio of solutions and services include :

Fire & Gas Detection Systems
Vesda Detection Systems
Access Control Systems
PAVA / PAGA Systems
Physical Integrated Security Management (PSIM)
NOVEC 1230™
Gas Extinguishing System
FM200 Gas Extinguishing System
Waterspray and Sprinkler Systems
Watermist Systems
Skid-mounted Fire Protection Equipment
Dry Chemical Systems
Fire Pumps
Specialist Detection Systems
Fire Alarm Systems
Perimeter Protection
Integrated Systems
Radio Communications
Digital Networks
Gas Extinguishing Systems
CO2 Systems
Deluge Systems
Foam Systems
Fire Monitor Systems
(Water and Foam)
Fire Fighting Equipment
Portable Extinguishers

The diverse range of solutions and services in our portfolio enable us to keep

up with the ever-changing demands of the various markets we serve.

Our team maintain research and development programs at major research centers to ensure Flameguard Fire & Security stays at the forefront of technology.